Saturday, January 5, 2013

Heading East

 The time is now. With the sand in the hourglass all but whittled away it is hard to believe that, in a few hours time, I will be thousands of miles above the ground, heading East. Although not my first time in Japan (and definitely not the last) it does feel somewhat altered to previous visits. Maybe it's because I'm doing it in my 'Gap Year', that fruitful excuse to find oneself before losing it again university. Or perhaps it's because I'll be on my own, backpacking through the cities, for a week. Perhaps I actually get like this every time I go and have just forgotten. 
 I know this trip will be something special and I just hope that there are enough internet cafes for me to share it with you. The bags are packed, plans have been made and the blog is ready, let's just hope I am too.